Do Carpets Qualify for Capital Allowances Purposes?

One question which does seem to be asked quite frequently is whether you can claim capital allowances on carpets.

HMRC normally accepts both carpets and linoleum qualify for capital allowances as they are plant (see CA21200). The reference is slightly confusing as it does refer to carpets in the context of furniture but in practice carpets have always been accepted as being Plant.

As if to illustrate this point in the case of Anchor International Ltd v IR Commrs [2005] BTC 97 a huge synthetic carpet used for playing five-a-side football was held to be plant. However it should be noted ,generally, HMRC do not accept as plant, tiles which are stuck down. This does mean one grey area is that of stuck down carpet tiles which may be accepted by some HMRC Inspectors as qualifying but possibly not by others. The implication is that floor coverings which are permanently stuck down become part of the structure of the property and therefore do not qualify for capital allowances purposes.

Are you Missing the Bigger Picture?

You have obviously visited this page because you have or are planning to fit carpets in a building. However if you own the freehold of the building have you checked to see whether capital allowances have ever been claimed on the “plant & machinery fixtures in the property?”. This is where the majority of our work is concentrated because, it more often than not, produces large tax savings for our clients. If you own the freehold of a property or have a long leasehold then why not complete our “Free Capital Allowances Estimate Form” to ensure you are maximizing your property related tax relief.