Could you be missing out on valuable tax relief?

Our capital allowances claims services for property / buildings are professional and highly competitive. We help to ensure you are claiming the maximum tax relief possible. Our  in house capital allowances experts have tax qualifications as well as the required training and experience in surveying.

Complete our on-line questionnaire to obtain a Free Capital Allowances Estimate of your capital allowances position. This will provide you with both the estimated tax benefit and the basis of our fees.  Therefore you can assess our offer and understand the potential return on your investment, before making any commitment.

Our commercial property capital allowances services are available to the owners of commercial property throughout the UK as well as furnished holiday lets (FHLs) throughout the UK and the European Economic Area (EEA).

“The majority of individuals and companies entitled to claim capital allowances on commercial property expenditure have not claimed their full entitlement and have therefore failed to maximise their tax relief”

Compliance – Capital Allowances Act 2001

Preparing and agreeing capital allowances claims to maximise property related tax relief for:

  • New construction and refurbishment projects
  • Second-hand property acquisitions
  • Cleaning up contaminated land and buildings

Commercial Property Transactions

  • Contract Advice
  • Pre-contract enquiries and due diligence
  • Entitlement Reviews
  • Advice on contributions to or from third parties
  • Valuations and contract allocations for CGT and SDLT

Maximising relief

Planning can take many forms, from detailed structures down to effective use and timing of election agreements. Very often minor “twists”  can result in additional tax savings and tax relief, without changing the commercial nature of the transaction:

  • Tax-efficient building design
  • Retaining capital allowances on sale
  • Accelerated tax relief planning
  • Forecast and financial modelling
  • Technical and legal opinions

Whether your commercial property is held within a company or held as an individual,  make sure you are receiving the maximum tax relief on your taxable income.  NB: We offer free, no obligation advice on all our services.

Make sure you receive the maximum tax relief possible on your commercial property –  Complete our Free Capital Allowances Estimate today online or give us a call on 0800 201 4539