This public house was purchased from the local council which meant that the capital allowances history of the property was easier to track than most. The purchaser of the freehold had been the leaseholder for a number of years and had developed the property during that time. The capital allowances identified were £67,073 which for a 20% tax payer produced an overall tax saving over time of  circa £13,500.

This public house in Essex produced capital allowances of £94,350. This equates to a tax saving of circa £38,000 over time for the owners. This was a good return bearing in mind there were some restrictions on the owners overall entitlement to claim.

Public House Capital Allowances Claim

The Bull at Benenden was purchased for circa £510,000.

After an onsite survey we were able to identify unclaimed capital allowances of £88,104. This will result in a tax saving of circa £35,000 over time as the owners are higher rate tax payers.