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Land remediation means restoring contaminated or long-term derelict land and is an effective way for businesses to reduce their tax liability.

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Do you own a commercial property?

Do you own a commercial property either freehold or leasehold? Many owners do not claim their full entitlement of capital allowances for commercial property expenditure. Thus sacrificing tens, if not hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax relief. This type of tax relief applies to commercial properties and is in lieu of the depreciation of capital assets. This applies to the plant and machinery you need to run your business but not many people realise that virtually all the “plant and machinery fixtures” in a building may be claimed.

Who can claim capital allowances?

If you are the owner of a commercial property and pay tax in the U.K., it is worth investigating if your property qualifies.  It does not matter whether the building is owned by an individual, partnership or through a company.  You maybe the landlord or run a trade at the property. Capital allowances for commercial property expenditure may apply if the building has fixtures and equipment, you use to support your business activity. This is generally fixtures or equipment you own as leased plant and machinery may generally not be claimed.

What can I make a claim against?

It is likely that you are able to make a claim against more than you think. As well as the general equipment you use for your work, you can make capital allowances claims for commercial property expenditure against fixtures in your building such as lifts, electrical and heating systems, fitted kitchens, sanitary ware as well as fire alarms, CCTV systems and emergency lighting etc etc. There is no definitive list of these “fixtures” and identifying all of them and valuing them appropriately is our specialism.

Even if you are already claiming some capital allowances commercial property relief for your building, you or your professional advisers may have underestimated the extent of what you may claim. When you take this into account, you could be entitled to a sizeable rebate and ongoing tax relief.

How do I make a claim?

At Curtis Plumstone Associates, we make it straightforward to claim capital allowances for commercial property tax relief. We have a long history of making successful claims on behalf of our clients. If you think your commercial property could be eligible, contact us via our Capital Allowances Estimate Form. We will provide a capital allowances estimate for your property and advise you on your options.

6 Reasons to Use Our Capital Allowances Claims Service.

  • You pay nothing if a worthwhile claim is not possible on your property expenditure.
  • Your surveyor will be an in-house tax trained, capital allowances specialist.
  • We undertake any required negotiations with HMRC to finalise the claim.
  • No upfront charges such as a separate survey fee.
  • We maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance to the value of £1m per claim.
  • If  you sell your property in the future we will provide support and guidance on how to retain the tax benefits

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